Renew Maid Work Permit

Renewal of Work Permit or Passport

Renewing your maid’s work permit every two years before it expires is important. Your domestic helper will require a permit to continue to work in Singapore in the future, and the earlier that you decide you want it to be settled, the better. This will greatly reduce the chances of getting a late renewal maid work permit fine, which is a situation that you want to avoid being in.  Be sure to contact us or take the necessary steps at least two weeks beforehand as the process takes around one to two weeks.

Why contact us when you can handle it yourself? The renewal process is not exactly the toughest job, but there will be complications if not done properly. There must be intricate attention to detail to prevent having trouble with the law. This may be confusing for some people. Thus, it is recommended that you reach out to us if you are worried or it is your first time.

But why go through the hassle of renewing it yourself? For an affordable price range, United Channel will handle all the paperwork for you. Have your maid’s work permit renewed without any fuss! It will be an easy and quick process with United Channel by your side. Everything from the submission to the collection will be handled smoothly by our experienced staff. Your chosen domestic helper will be accompanied by us to renew their work permit, saving you the hassle. Not everyone has the time, and United Channel is here to assist you with that. By one or two weeks time, your renewed maid work permit will be right at your doorstep!





Founded in 2007, United Channel has been growing steadily in the past years to become one of the major players in the industry. The main objective is to help resolve the issues of working-class Singaporeans with their household chores.

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