mployers of Indonesian maid will no longer need to fork out placement fees and other costs upfront, and Indonesian maid in Singapore will not be charged any fees when they change employers.

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The financial scheme will allow Indonesian maid to take up a loan from Maybank Indonesia to cover their placement fees and other costs.

Both employers and the Indonesian maid will have transparency in fee structure. The Indonesian maid in Singapore will also benefit as “she cannot be charged any fees when she transfers from one employer to another”. With this scheme, only Indonesian domestic workers will be allowed to leave Indonesia to work.

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To support this scheme, the relevant authorities will implement a certification for the Singapore Indonesian maid agency. It described the certification as a “holistic programme” that “encompasses the requirements of both source country and Singapore.”

The certification will also help employers to identify the Singapore Indonesian maid agency, who are authorised to bring in Indonesian domestic workers and have committed to adopt industry best practices.

This scheme provides the Indonesian maids with personal loans to pay for related costs like training, passport applications, medical checks and placement fees, and they would be “well aware of their financial obligations” before taking up employment.

It will reduce ambiguity and help prevent salary disputes. The Indonesian domestic workers will also be able to receive their full salary from the onset of their contract. This would certainly benefit both the Indonesian maid and their employers.”

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The Singapore Indonesian maid agency will also have to make the placement fees clearer and collect the fees over a period of 20 months, through this scheme. This would encourage the Singapore Indonesian maid agency to ensure better matching of the Indonesian domestic workers and help ensure that they settle in well with their employers.

The scheme also allows the Indonesian maid in Singapore to change employers without having to fork out any transfer fees. It will also benefit potential employers who may want to consider getting a transfer maid urgently as they can approach a Singapore Indonesian maid agency to do all the necessary paperwork requirements to comply with all the legal needs.

transfer maid is hired directly from their current employer in Singapore, but you still need a Singapore Indonesian maid agency to sort out the paperwork. The cost of employing a transfer maid is definitely less costly than a fresh new maid.

If you simply dreaded doing household chores, or are too busy to do these mundane tasks, get an Indonesian maid through a Singapore Indonesian maid agency to help to keep the home in order.


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