full manage over through maid recruitment. No hidden fees. you have complete control over the screening and interviewing of maids. Direct rent. smooth seek. reliable helpers. strong support.anything you’re looking for never miss every other possibility once more.At united channel we provide maid recruitments we’ve got a largest maid search database in Singapore.In maid organization we offer nicely-trained maids who are informed in childcare, aged care, cooking , family chores and elderly care.whether you’re searching out Placement & Processing income orientated Interview & counselling maids.
 we’ve got expert sale person to help you to investigate the working revel in of the Maid on the provider centre on maid  recruitments you may capable of get the solution which you need to know.we provide first-rate offerings to find you a notable helper at maid recruitments. we’ve factors of aged care and childcare that capable of provide you with excellence consultant at the requirements of getting a maid recruitments. we will get you a provider gives you the most appropriate maid that we’ve provide you.At united channel we do give a dependable helpers which can take care of your requirement.we have advance Placement Scheme (APS), New maids, transfer maids Our accomplice schooling centres in source countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines to make sure you haven’t any more issues consequently we help you to find a suitable maid that work for you. most of the maid are seeking for activity abroad to enhance the state of affairs at domestic with a higher economic support to assist them earn extra cash to send returned to domestic.we’re able to expertise your need on rent a maid from us at united channel maximum of them want a maid is to do family, taking proper care of their love one for vintage people and also youngsters to help them on a higher care of guide you are away from operating on sometime .
Maid recruitment Singapore isn’t and smooth mission, to finding the right one there is constantly a different tale in the back of of it where you want get a proper person for the work to address it nicely with care and patient so there need time and effort in order to handle it right.we’re a customer-centered and those-orientated at united channel to help you in the whole thing you need to understand and have to recognize there is many reason to do to get approve through mother regulation to follow it proper from the start.


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