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We Nurse, We Care!

Founded in 2007, United Channel has been growing steadily in the past years to become one of the major players in the industry. 

We Nurse, We Care!” indicates our dedication to match the most suitable foreign domestic worker to help employers with their household chores.

United Channel specialized in Myanmar foreign domestic workers, who are more service-driven and conservative. Under the leadership of our Directors, United Channel is now one of the leading employment agencies in Singapore. Other than handling foreign domestic workers, United Channel brings in skilled and unskilled workers from developing countries like China, Myanmar and the Philippines. These workers will be employed in industries like Shipbuilding, Manufacturing and Service line. Always going above and beyond, United Channel provides an unmatched, exemplary service that cannot be found elsewhere. United Channel has been expanding for the past few years, from a single branch in Katong Shopping Center to 3 branches island-wide. This is made possible because of our valued customers who have been coming back to us as their preferred agency. To us, a satisfied customer is a living advertisement and we strongly believe in word-of-mouth. Service is one of our top priority and because of it, we were able to forge a long-lasting relationship with our customers.


What Makes United Channel Different?

The main objective is to help resolve the issues of working-class Singaporeans with their household chores. 

Maid in Training

Maid in Deployment

Testimonial From Employer

This Myanmar maid is very honest. Whenever she picks up monies from my laundry, she will not keep them and will return them to me. 

I took my helper from United Channel since 1 year ago. I was having some issue with my maid and I was considering whether to approach the agent or not. Many agents will not bother to help employers after the FDW has clear her loan but the staffs at United Channel were very helpful and manage to solve the problem.

Initially I had wanted to change my maid as I find that she’s a little slow in her work. But after consideration, I decided not to. Although she’s slow, she is willing to learn and I can see that her attitude is very good. Now not only can she perform the task entrust, she is also picking up mandarin.

Testimonial From Maid

Thank you to my agency (United Channel), I can work in Singapore. And after worked for 2 years, I earn lots of money, can bring home. Thank you thank you.

War War Win

Now I finish contract I go back can buy house. Because I earn money in Singapore, thank you agent.

Moe Moen

I finish my contract so I want go home. I will come to United Channel again.

Sanda Win

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