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Consultation and Counselling for Your Maids

Kindly understand that the foreign domestic helpers have travelled to a foreign land to work, therefore it is tough on their part. In some cases, the foreign domestic workers will be emotional unstable and cry as they are homesick. In other cases, the foreign domestic workers might not be able to communicate and express themselves to their employers, hence not being able to focus. 

To help resolve issues like this, United Channel, the maid agency in Singapore with the biggest bio-data, provides counseling service to help the foreign domestic workers move on and express their thoughts. After clearing up and expressing themselves, the foreign domestic workers will be free from their emotional burden. Thus, able to perform better at work, stay motivated and be cheerful.

To find out more about our Consultation and Counselling services for your domestic helper, do WhatsApp us at 9737 2694. We will respond to you immediately.

If you need further advice via email, you can also email us your enquiry at Let us help your maid and therefore, indirectly help you when it comes to their emotional state of mind.





Founded in 2007, United Channel has been growing steadily in the past years to become one of the major players in the industry. The main objective is to help resolve the issues of working-class Singaporeans with their household chores.

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