Most families decide to hire a maid when there is a life-changing moment in a family. Knowing the reason why you need to hire a maid is important in your selection process.

In the selection for maids, the Filipino, Myanmar and Indonesian maid seem to be the most popular choices among employers in Singapore.

Indonesian maids are quite popular in Singapore

However, the challenge to find the right Indonesian maid in Singapore you want to employ can be scary and complicated. Scary because you are afraid of choosing the wrong maid which upsets you and members of your family in terms of household work and harmony at home. It is complicated because even a casual search reveals more than 500 maid agencies operating in Singapore with several thousand prospective Indonesian maids for you to choose from.

But before you look for a maid agency, it is better to do some self-assessment. Which country of maid do you want to employ? Is it for household cleaning needs; childcare needs or for elderly care needs? Make sure that you understand what roles and responsibilities you expect her to fulfil — and which are the most important to you.

Over the years, it seems that some certain profiles and traits of the maids have evolved, which may not be accurate, but they certainly can help employers to make a decision on which country to hire your maid from.

Indonesian maids

Indonesian maids are a popular choice in Singapore for a variety of reasons especially for Muslim employers because they have similar religious and dietary practices.

Indonesian maids are believed to be hard-worker and fast learner

Another reason for their popularity amongst employers is the perception of the Indonesian maid in Singapore being hardworking and able to learn fast. Over time she can be groomed to be a valuable helper who is grateful for the opportunity to earn a dignified living. Indonesian maids are perceived to be more “well behaved” and easy going. Some employers also commented that they are good with household chores.

The only drawback was her lack of familiarity with city living and the fact that Indonesian maids in Singapore may not be as fluent in English.

Filipino maids

Some employers prefer Filipinos because the primary reason is they are more fluent in English and therefore more able to understand instructions and directions clearly. However the drawback is that Filipino maids generally cost more. They are also known to be more demanding and know how to get away with stuff and, thus they are very difficult to handle.

Myanmar Maids

Hiring Myanmar maids cost the least among the 3 countries. They are supposedly also less demanding. Some employers like maids from Myanmar due to the sweet nature and temperament. But they speak little English or none at all and therefore more difficult to communicate.

maids are learning to communicate with their employer using books

While there are no ways to ensure that your maid is perfect, but if you manage to find a good Indonesian maid in Singapore, she will most probably match your expectations and be of great help to you and your family.


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